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  MT6000 series
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System Description:
MT6000 is a brand new series of touch panel HMI (Human Machine Interface) for industrial automation applications and other applications such as building automation and home appliance control. Thanks to the powerful PXA270 CPU and user-friendly Windows® CE operation system, MT6000 can bring you performance and flexibility.
Kinco has established partnership with several major software suppliers. Mutual benchmark tests ensure that their WinCE software products are fully compatible with the MT6000 hardware. Users of those software products can easily immigrate from other hardware platform to MT6000 with few projects modifications, in this way they can save their investments and reuse their experiences. Theoretically any software designed for Windows CE and XScale processor could run on MT6000.
The user can also develop their application programs with Microsoft Visual Studio development tool. We provide software development kit (SDK), necessary documents and technical support to help the users complete the software development.
With our 6-year experience in developing and manufacturing HMI touch panels in industrial automation fields, we clearly know what our customers need and the contemporary trend in automation world. MT6000 differences from many other competitors’ products on communication interfaces. Besides the conventional serial ports, USB Host/Client ports and Ethernet port, MT6000 provides industrial standard CAN interface. A system expansion port is reserved on the board, which means adding other fieldbus or real-time Ethernet interfaces is very easy. Kinco will provide more fieldbus/RT Ethernet interface expansion options upon the requirement of our customers.
XScale PXA270 32-bit RISC CPU
Windows® CE 5.0 OS pre-installed
TFT LCD, screen size 5.7”, 8” and 10.4”
Major HMI/SCADA and soft PLC software ready
SDK for developing proprietary application
Serial, Ethernet and CAN port
SD card slot for mass storage
Flexible expansion board
Hardware Description:
Standard Configuration
Three RS-232/485/455 Ports
Two USB-HOST ports
One USB SLAVE ports
One Ethernet Interface
One Audio Output Interface
One SD Card
Expandable Configuration
Profibus-DP Communication Card
★ CANopen Communication Card
One USB SLAVE ports
MPI Communication Card
Application Description:
HMI/SCADA Terminal
HMI/SCADA software plays a critical role in today’s factory management. MT6000 is a cost-effective choice for on-site HMI terminal. Ethernet interface ensure the easy connection into factory-level network and the smooth flow of data stream from the bottom to the top. SD card slot and USB port make the storage and transfer your invaluable data just a piece of cake. The TFT LCD display can show images of 65536 colors at VGA resolution. There are many HMI/SCADA software products in the market. Any software which can be used on a WinCE/ARMV4 platform is OK for MT6000. Among them are MoviconCE from Progea, PanelWorX from Iconics and Web Studio from Indusoft, just to name a few.
Panel PLC
Software-based logic controller is another hot topic in today’s automation industry. With the powerful RISC processor, MT6000 can perform the logic control task at very high speed. Being a controller-HMI all-in-one integrated solution, the user could save cost and cabin space for mounting. We have cooperated with 3S, one of the leaders in soft-PLC market and made a customized version of CoDeSys runtime. Besides the serial ports and Ethernet, we provide a CANopen interface which can be configured within the CoDeSys programming environment.
Other application
For users who want to develop their specific application, MT6000 can be used as a general-purpose embedded hardware platform. We provide the SDK tools and technical documents and telephone support to help the users complete their developments. The boundary of application is just limited by your imagination!

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